Practice Areas


As detailed below, we offer legal consultation for a wide range of businesses, on matters ranging from day-to-day business operations to dispute prevention efforts, and we also provide representation in court.

Our service is not limited to legal affairs for private businesses, but includes management and legal counsel for local governments, medical institutions, and educational, and public interest corporations.

All our attorneys specialize in corporate law, and they excel in the areas of labor, medical, administrative, and intellectual property disputes, depending on their expertise and experience.
We have also represented clients in a variety of areas including product liability, drugs and medicines, local government actions, and employee inventions.
Furthermore, we are enthusiastic in offering our legal expertise and experience at seminars and lectures held by public institutions, private companies, industry groups, schools, and medical institutions.

The governance of private entities and other institutions has recently been under severe scrutiny.
We have actively responded to client requests by offering advice on corporate governance, both as corporate lawyers and as outside officers.
Corporate legal issues come in all sizes, whether they concern daily debt collection, customer management, domestic and international violation of antitrust laws or patent infringements, product liability, business acquisition, or critical business judgments that may determine the fate of a company.
Irokawa Law Office has formed partnerships with and worked hand-in-hand with many companies since 1927.
We offer comprehensive legal services in the business realm, and we especially strive to present accurate legal advice and find tailored solutions for each business situation, especially in the areas mentioned below.

  • Dispute & Litigation
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Corporate Law & Shareholders Relations
  • Medical Issues
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Administrative Law
  • International Practice
  • Business Reorganization・M&A
  • Business Revitalization & Bankruptcy
  • Securities and Finance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Privacy & Security
  • Competition Law & Subcontracting issues
  • Corporate Investigation & Compliance
  • Environment
  • Real Estate and Housing Disputes
  • Common Civil, Criminal and Family Cases, etc.